Central to RSI’s technology plan is the integration of geophysical (seismic & EM) and well log data, for improved reservoir characterization. To oversee progress in all areas of technology development RSI has formed a Technology Oversight Board to provide independent review, oversight and guidance on the future direction of RSI’s technology. The Technology Oversight Board meets several times a year. The responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Reviewing the quality and performance of RSI’s key technologies
  • Assessing technology needs and priorities at RSI and guiding the formulation of plans to address them
  • Assessing wider industry technology needs and providing high level guidance on meeting these needs
  • Keep abreast of new technology developments in the industry and provide review and feedback on these. It is anticipated that the board will be a forum for the discussion of new ideas and next generation technology development that will give the company a competitive advantage
  • Reviewing technology plans and progress, and providing feedback on technical feasibility and prioritization